Total Praise Baptist Church, located in Chatsworth , GA, aimed to create a new facility that could be the backbone of their efforts to support their local community and enhance their worship experience as they transitioned into a modern worship center with current generation AVL equipment.

With the help of Loud Media Group’s design expertise, Trinity gave the green light for LMG to begin the installation. However, Total Praise was faced with timeline and budget restrictions, meaning that we had to carefully plan our roll out in stages that meshed with their staff, size and finances. Over the course of a year, the entire audio and video system was overhauled and integrated, with lighting scheduled for the near future.

The integration of a professional grade audio system made a distinct difference in the overall sound quality of this facility. The original audio system was intended for spoken word and did not support the power or infrastructure of a contemporary worship setting. Loud Media Group decided to go with a performance audio system built out of Alto Professional and Community Speaker components, tied together by a large format Yamaha mixing console. The end result is a system that is versatile enough to handle both speaking and musical worship sessions without a problem.

The video upgrade centralizes around a pair of commercial grade High­ Definition LG displays, fed by a full Krammer Video Distribution system.The new screens and audio system especially has enabled them to delve further into their blend of traditional and modern worship with anemphasis on presenting a dynamic experience. Total Praise is ecstatic to worship with their new systems.

Relying on their new tech systems to support their outreach and worship initiatives, Total Praise continues to reach out to Chatsworth, GA and their fellow Community Churches to bring the community together.

Construction Type: Remodel

Seat Count: 175­-250

Scope of Work: Audio, Video, Performance lighting, Computer and Presentation upgrades, Distributed Audio

Budget: $3200