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Your speaker isn’t sounding right and your sound board is acting up. It’s time to head on down to your local music store and buy a replacement off the shelf, right? Wrong. Depending on how long it’s been since the last time you upgraded your system, you are looking at a whole new selection of sound equipment that may not be compatible with your existing gear.

1. Understanding Your Room

There are very few one-size-fits-all audio solutions. Your speakers may not sound great because they are the wrong speakers for the room, or because they are poorly placed rather than because of a technical problem. The guy at your local music store probably won’t be able to point you in the right direction unless they are already intimately familiar with your room.

2. Saving You Money

Again, the problem with your sound equipment may not be solved by simply replacing a box. During a room assessment, the audio engineer will look at your sound equipment and determine if there are any simple repairs that can fix the problems at hand. They will tell you if your gear has been installed in a way that negatively impacts the quality of your sound, offering a better configuration if possible. They identify structural issues in the room that are causing problems outside of your sound equipment.

3. Seeing Your Potential

In the technology industry there is a common saying about how you don’t know you need something until it is put in front of you. The sound equipment in your room is the same way. A professional will point you toward specialized solutions that may not be widely available on store shelves, or that you simply haven’t thought of before. A trained audio engineer will be able to see the potential of your room and make the most of it.

4. Staging

Of course, when it comes to the long term potential of your room, the next question is budget. How can a small church or venue jump on board with the engineer’s vision of what the room could be? The answer is simple. During the room assessment, your audio professional prioritizes the issues in your room. This puts you on a path towards success by staging individual investments or repairs in the order that makes the most sense. You stay on budget while working toward a greater end result using this method.

5. Sound Equipment Compatibility

Regardless of how many stages it takes to complete your install, having a knowledgable engineer on board ensures that all of the pieces work together as the project comes together. This is especially important if you have legacy equipment that will be reused in your new system. From your power sources to your wireless frequencies, compatibility is a major part of any successful upgrade.

A room assessment is the best way to make sure you are purchasing the right sound equipment when the time comes. An assessment gives you all the information you need to get to the root of the problem and plan for future investments. The more you know, the better your room will sound.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a room assessment, contact Loud Media Group today or call 706-913-4454 to schedule your appointment with our engineer and take the first step toward a great sounding room.

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