Dynamic Church began in 2012 and grew from a small room in a corner of a local business to a thriving congregation in a regulation size basketball gym. As their ministry grew, Dynamic was faced with the challenge of scaling up their infrastructure within a unique portable church model, allowing growth in their congregation by expanding the seating capacity on an almost weekly basis. In not wanting to give up production excellence, the need for a reliable, concert quality, portable AVL production infrastructure arose for their main campus. Dynamic Church called upon Loud Media Group House of Worship Division to integrate a complete solution.

Loud Media Group Designed and implemented a high-quality solution with the “plug and play” philosophy in mind. The design for the portable church would require a system that is entirely 120V compatible, allowing use in any venue with standard electrical outlets. There would be no need for concern with commercial electrical codes, or wondering if a component would have enough power to operate during assembly. It was designed with Non-technical volunteers in mind, in that they could handle all of the equipment and assembly with no special certifications or qualifications during setup and tear-down.

Another feature of the “plug and play” philosophy was integrating a color-coded system for equipment connections. This color-coded system allows non-technical volunteers to set up equipment easily and efficiently, as they’ll know which connections go where without any additional guidance. This also helps to reduce setup time, making a complete setup and full system functionality happen within 65-minutes. When the system is ready to be disassembled and put into storage, it goes into custom fabricated road cases that store every component safely while not in use, making packing it up a breeze.

With the help of great companies like Electro-Voice, Alto Professional, Da-lite, Hitachi, Blizzard Lighting and Music Group this portable solution truly makes you forget you are even in a gymnasium.

Construction Type: Portable

Seat Count: 250-500

Scope of Work: Audio, HD Video, Theatrical Lighting, LED House lighting, Production IT, Automation systems and Distributed Video

Budget: $10,500