Just like any other industry, the technology that makes up church AV needs to deliver quality services to your audience. Unfortunately, too many churches put off maintenance and upgrades to their system until they reach a critical failure point. Then, instead of getting the best gear for their money, they settle for the gear that is immediately available, whether it serves their long term goals or not. Hiring the right consultant can alleviate this problem.

What Needs to be Fixed Today?church AV budget

Step one of building a three to five year plan is determining which gear needs to be fixed right this second. Typically this means the components of your church AV that need to be functioning at 100% before you can pull off another service. If your last surviving microphone is finally gasping its last breath, it is time to take action. If you’ve suddenly lost half your stage lights, you need a solution today. However, this is not the end of your planning, because we both know that by the time you’ve reached this point there are plenty of other iffy pieces of equipment just waiting to ruin your day.

Where Are You Headed?

Is your church growing? Are you interested in adding video capabilities? Are you preparing to move to a larger space or needing to add a second projector? Planning for the next 3-5 years of technology means that you can budget effectively, and implement new pieces of equipment in the most effective order. After all, investing in more lights when your sound system is struggling to give you the output you need could put you in a bind. An engineer can help you break your tech plan up into segments that meet your budgetary needs and make the most of each phase.

Planning for Upkeep of Church AV

A 3-5 year tech plan includes more than just buying and installing new equipment. It also includes important elements like system maintenance, so your projector bulbs can be changed regularly, your room can be tuned twice a year, and your cables can be tested along the way. Perhaps more importantly, it also includes updating the software on your computers and keeping your volunteers and staff members trained on the latest industry trends. With each phase of implementation, your team will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how to use the system more efficiently.

By hiring a consultant and engineer to help you build a 3-5 year plan, your church can take advantage of better technology at every stage. Instead of waiting until you have an emergency and rushing decisions to get your show back on the road, you have time to plan and budget according to the gear you actually want and need. You also have a long term partner throughout the integration process, and a support team who is there to help bring your staff up to speed at every step.

If you are ready to take control of your church’s tech plan, now is the time to contact Loud Media Group. Our engineers will help you realize your long term dreams with a 3-5 year plan based on your budget and goals.