From your wireless microphones to your band’s in-ear packs to the guitarist who inevitably needs a 9V, batteries are the glue that holds your service together. They are also a critical failure point if you do not replace them regularly and they suddenly die mid-service. There are two main schools of thought concerning your audio sound equipment batteries: disposables versus rechargeables.

audio sound equipment batteries

Disposable Batteries

Obviously disposable batteries are the easiest solution for most churches. It is easy to pick up a brick of batteries from a local retailer and swap them. Unfortunately, buying new batteries can get pretty expensive, and many churches try to save costs by only changing the batteries in their equipment bi-weekly. This is where things start to get shaky. The longer you try to stretch your battery life, the more likely you are to encounter a problem. In order to get costs down, you should always buy batteries in bulk. Avoid buying batteries on an as-needed basis whenever possible. 

Rechargeable Batteries for Audio Sound Equipment

In an effort to cut down on costs, many churches assume that rechargeable batteries are the way to go. The up front investment is higher for rechargeable batteries, but ideally this is the last time you have to buy batteries for a while. The biggest problem that churches face with rechargeable batteries is charging them reliably. If you do not have a full time tech staff, or somebody who is responsible for making sure the batteries get plugged in on Saturday nights, you could be making Sunday morning trips to the store. This increases costs and makes your return on investment very low. It is also worth mentioning that even rechargeable batteries eventually wear down and stop holding a charge, so there is some ongoing replacement costs with time.

The truth is that one type of batteries is not necessarily better than the other. It is possible to make disposable batteries cost-effective when you buy in bulk. Rechargeable batteries are a great investment if you know that they will charge on schedule every time. What you may not realize is that your audio sound equipment partner is a great source for quality batteries.

Whether you need disposables or rechargeables, Loud Media Group can get you batteries from trusted brands for far less than you would pay at your local retailer in a pinch. We can work with you to set up monthly or quarterly battery shipments as part of your ongoing audio sound equipment maintenance. Contact us online or call today at 706-913-4454 to check batteries off of your to-do list for good!